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                                        In general, the term “email marketing” includes every email sent to customers, potential customers or public venues, such as trade show attendees. However, for the most part, email marketing usually refers to the following scenarios:

  • Email marketing can be direct promotional emails sent to try and obtain new clients or sway existing customers to buy again or expand the products or services they’ve already purchased or subscribed to
  • Email marketing can also be emails sent that are intended to advance client loyalty, develop the customer relationship and build brand awareness and loyalty

To give you an idea, email marketing is the digital equivalent of direct mail, which can be a promotional postcard or flyer. Most organizations these days also send an electronic version of their newsletter rather than sending a print copy of a newsletter. This is one of email marketing’s greatest advantages, too—digital marketing is greener, the cost of printing is no longer involved and there’s no need to wait for the post office to deliver the mail!

In addition to the above reasons, email marketing is so popular because sending email is incredibly cost-effect, you can reach people directly, it’s a proven method of marketing and as of 2010, email marketing still has an ROI of $43 for every marketing dollar spent!

Using Email Marketing to make your company more money

Even after years of success and excellent returns on investment, the bulk email market continues to grow. Targeted email marketing produces new customers and rewards your current ones, building you brand loyalty. Email marketing does not mean spam. Be creative with your email marketing messages and your business will be rewarded. Even though peoples email boxes are stuffed with messages, everybody still loves a good value and enjoys being informed or entertained.

Our Mail Marketing is a web based email marketing program that will allow you to focus on your message and not on the resources of deploying emails. This innovative and affordable bulk email advertising solution provides all the functionality for users to fully manage their email marketing campaigns. Glorious SMS gives you the option to use our servers and ISP relations or contract your own.

How Mail Marketing Benefits Your Email Marketing Campaign

Glorious SMS Simplicity Bulk Email Marketing Program was built to provide you with all the resources needed to deploy a mass email marketing campaign. Simplicity is web-based, which means that you can access our email marketing software anywhere in the world, from any computer. Once logged on, you upload your bulk email marketing message, email message list, your subject line, from name and then you can start your bulk email message campaign with your simple to use email marketing software.

With full reporting of how many people viewed your message, how many people click through from your email message to your website, and how many people opt out of your bulk email campaign, Mail Marketing is the right choice for your bulk email software needs

We offer the most affordable and cost effective pricing structure in the email marketing industry.

And don't forget this often overlooked benefit: Glorious SMS Media Group has an experienced customer support and technical support team to answer your questions. You won't be left wondering how to use your email marketing software or why your campaign didn't work; there is a real live person to answer your call, not a machine and not a contracted company who's employees speak English as a second language and read from a script.

Some Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Send your email marketing messages to people who have requested them and make sure it's relevant to them. Contact them on a regular basis with new useful info and offers. If your customers know to expect your email once a week or once a month, then they're less likely to treat you like spam and block or delete your message.

Provide them with something new and useful. Don't just change a few words around on your offer and resend it every week. Keep the “from” name on your bulk email consistent. Once they learn to trust you they'll keep opening your messages, and this also gives you a chance to build your brand.

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